Open your ears!
A Listening Point Intermission

What do you hear? In May, I asked passers-by to pause, listen, and respond. I’m reconfiguring things to re-launch the Listening Point site with new maps and easier tools for you to post your own signs. In the meantime, your task is simple: Text your location and what you hear to 855-971-1075. Hear something interesting? Invite other people to listen by printing and posting a sign.

The first version of Listening Point launched in May 2014 in Durham, North Carolina. To learn more about Listening Point, you can read INDY Week Editor Lisa Sorg’s blog post about the project or her interview with me. You can also find what I’ve written about it on my blog.

-Chris, Listener in Chief

Recently Heard:

22:14 UTC, October 07 Heart park wauwatosa. I hear a river running as I sit under the bridge where people are practicinor cross country, or just running for fun. A breeze rolls in and I hear a soft rustle of leaves and kids running, climbing on a fallen down tree.
21:47 UTC, October 05 The sound of water gently flowing on the creek and a single bird chirping in the distance
09:16 UTC, September 11 Kingston ave and Bergen st, brooklyn, ny: 2 men talking, the occasional passing vehicle, cart wheels on the sidewalk, police helicopter passing overhead
20:28 UTC, September 09 A plane, a bike chain clanging against something, and a man sitting on a lawn chair talking to his friend
23:14 UTC, August 13 Under the bridge, rolling tires and water running
01:43 UTC, August 02 07930, fridge, cricket, alphabox
02:42 UTC, July 29 A dorm in waterville, ME: rain outside the window, a fan running somewhere, sandal footsteps, the shower being turned off in the ladies' bathroom.
21:11 UTC, July 28 Dolores Park, SF: Clapping, young adults laughing, dance music, a child striking hollow metal like a bell, birdsong, calling out across the block, revving engines.
15:23 UTC, July 28 07050, film dialogue, children's dialogue, children belching, sneezing, moving, bead rattling - several layers
01:07 UTC, July 28 27705 - a toddler asking to be tucked in for the third time and music from the tv show I'm trying to watch on my computer
00:02 UTC, July 28 unidentified, barely audible.
00:02 UTC, July 28 10th and Folsom, SF. Booming bass (1-2-3-4&1, etc) no treble, slaps of floggers, growling humans acting like dogs, idle chit-chat, sirens, and a rustling
19:19 UTC, July 27 Car alarms, Brooklyn NY
18:32 UTC, July 27 Backyard in the Midwest. Cardinal singing, air conditioner humming, someone crunching on corn chips, tree leaves blowing in the wind
17:41 UTC, July 27 I'm at home. I hear someone watching TV in the other room. Birds outside...